Hey Good Lookin believe in creating premium products at affordable prices, which do what they’re supposed to do. How do we know this? Because we have tried and tested each product ourselves, never on animals. We use super ingredients to give you the best possible products and would never use any harmful ingredients that we would never use on our skin.

Organic Coffee

All our coffee products are made with 100% Organic Robusta Coffee, why? One of the reasons is we get superior quality coffee beans which have a higher caffeine content to work better on your skin.

Also by HGL using Organic Coffee, we ensure farmers are treated fairly. This allows us to give back and help farmers’ families as well as their local communities. This is important to us as our forefathers were farmers themselves.

Made in the United Kingdom

Hey Good Lookin was born in the UK and we are proud to say our products are made in the UK. View our scrubs here!